Convert Your VYM Mindmap to PGF/TikZ

PGF/TikZ is able to produce really eye-candy mind maps (see example). However it might be impractical to create the TikZ structure for larger amount of nodes.

I’ve written a small C program that creates a PGF/TikZ LaTeX file out of a VYM (View Your Mind) XML export. So far this tool has only very basic functionality. Neither it handles UTF-8 explicitly, nor XLinks. Also it doesn’t add any alignment code to the LaTeX file yet, so you have to do some manual editing.


Example Usage

  1. Create a mind map with VYM and save it as *.vym. (example: test.vym)
  2. Select Map > Export > XML… and export your mind map. (example: test.xml)
  3. Call Vym2TikZ: ./vym2tikz test.xml test.tex (result: test.tex)
  4. If you want to run PDFLaTeX directly (and don’t include the tex file) you have to add an additional header to test.tex. Also you might have to add alignment commands like [clockwise from=0]. (edited file: test_edit.tex)
  5. Finally call PDFLaTeX and view the PDF file. (see image on top)

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